Wednesday, December 26, 2001

wednesday perk dec.01

One of the best things to do on a Wednesday night in Kansas City; a weekly chill lounge featuring coffee, cocktails, and professional turntablism. Old School Vinyl simply cannot be replaced, and those that can spin it are generally considered experts in their field. Hosted and presented by local talent: cQuence, flotilla & sl8r!

Saturday, December 22, 2001

christmas massacre

After meeting with some of the folks related to this event, I asked if I could drop in and check out.  It turned out to be a fantastic Christmas-time rave, put on by, with video and lighting visuals by VJ Ones, and a costume contest for Sexiest Catholic School Girl.  The only drawback was that I didn't bring enough battery power for the camera to make it past midnight.

Area 1)  Rowland the Bastard - Smittin, UK, Techno  /  Dan Ostroff (Deliverance) - Intergrated Recordings,, NJ, Techno  /  .Com vs Derek Plaslaiko (2x4) - NSMM, Omaha, Konfused, Batchlor DJs, Detroit  / DJ Rob Lee - Napol Records, Fork, GTR, KC  /  Miss Michaela - OMCP, KC  /  Solaris - TJL - Solo,, KC, Techno

Area 2)  DJ Odi - Jungle Alliance Tour - TM,, NSMSGMM, NYC, Jungle  /  James Angel  - Jungle Alliance Tour - JRave, Gemini, TM, H2GLOW  /  Centigrade (Zack Attack) - NYC, DnB  /  Tow-Town - Vitamine E, Street Sonic, STL, Jungle  /  SVS  - Jungle Alliance Tour - TM, NSMSGMM,, KC, Jungle  /  Breakbotix - NCA, DigFam, KC, Live Hip-Hop  /  Krilin - TRG, Cha Cha Cha, Nightbreed, KC, Jungle  /  C-Quence - TRG, Spark Bar, KC, DnB  /  Shandi - DigFam, TM, KC, Breaks

Monday, December 10, 2001

evos monday dec.01

A little Monday night electronic music affair, put on by the folks from Echobass, featuring some of the best local talent in Kansas City. The handful of photos taken that night appear below.

Friday, December 07, 2001

stylus friday dec.01

The first club event shot for the site, and the beginning of the journey through underground electronic dance music in Kansas City and points beyond.  From the flyer, "the Stylus goal is a balanced club setting where clubbers and party people can consistently enjoy a family like atmosphere with great music, great people, and clean restrooms.

Area 1: Trance/Techno - Kansas City's tast of European & Domestic dance scenes. Featuring the finest local talent with your host FitzRoger.

Area 2: House Lounge - Come and kick back at the new House Lounge every Friday night, hosted by KC's source fro cutting-edge records, DeepFix. With a vast rotation of DJs, the House Lounge is sure to please all the headz with the latest cuts from the best labels in the country. You won't hear House like this anywhere else."

Saturday, September 01, 2001

decadent boo lacrosse band

A fantastic performance by the Boo LaCrosse Band at Igor's Checkpoint Charlie in New Orleans, LA during the festival of Southern Decadence.  I only took a couple of shots, which appear below.

there are no more photos from this event

southern decadence 2001

I returned to New Orleans in September to visit with friends, and discovered that I arrived in time for Southern Decadence. That could not be a better title for what was witnessed over that particular weekend. Indeed, we were privileged enough to obtain a balcony view as events unfolded on the streets on the final night. Chaos reigned again on Bourbon Street, in not too different a fashion than it had on Mardi Gras. I did not take quite as many photos that day, being short on battery power and memory, and the film camera that I had with me was for other purposes.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

mardi gras 2001

Mardi Gras in 2001 was a return descent into the controlled chaos New Orleans becomes. We arrived early enough to catch a friend’s performance at Checkpoint on Lundi Gras, and met some interesting folks from Slovakia. They had arrived looking for a place to stay, on their way west to get married in Las Vegas. There is no such thing in the days leading up to Mardi Gras. If you didn’t book it a year ago, you’re on the street. They were not. They were invited to stay with us, and we began a long friendship across the globe. Mardi Gras Day found us all over the French Quarter, later returning again to the street-stage of improvisational music in the Marigny, to dance the night away. It was a fantastic day of photos that covered nearly every aspect of the Mardi Gras in and around the French Quarter.

Monday, February 26, 2001

boo lacrosse band

After meeting some new friends from Slovakia, we headed out for a fun night of music with a performance by the local Boo Lacrosse Band at Igor's Checkpoint Charlie on Lundi Gras, the night before Mardi Gras.