christmas massacre

After meeting with some of the folks related to this event, I asked if I could drop in and check out.  It turned out to be a fantastic Christmas-time rave, put on by, with video and lighting visuals by VJ Ones, and a costume contest for Sexiest Catholic School Girl.  The only drawback was that I didn't bring enough battery power for the camera to make it past midnight.

Area 1)  Rowland the Bastard - Smittin, UK, Techno  /  Dan Ostroff (Deliverance) - Intergrated Recordings,, NJ, Techno  /  .Com vs Derek Plaslaiko (2x4) - NSMM, Omaha, Konfused, Batchlor DJs, Detroit  / DJ Rob Lee - Napol Records, Fork, GTR, KC  /  Miss Michaela - OMCP, KC  /  Solaris - TJL - Solo,, KC, Techno

Area 2)  DJ Odi - Jungle Alliance Tour - TM,, NSMSGMM, NYC, Jungle  /  James Angel  - Jungle Alliance Tour - JRave, Gemini, TM, H2GLOW  /  Centigrade (Zack Attack) - NYC, DnB  /  Tow-Town - Vitamine E, Street Sonic, STL, Jungle  /  SVS  - Jungle Alliance Tour - TM, NSMSGMM,, KC, Jungle  /  Breakbotix - NCA, DigFam, KC, Live Hip-Hop  /  Krilin - TRG, Cha Cha Cha, Nightbreed, KC, Jungle  /  C-Quence - TRG, Spark Bar, KC, DnB  /  Shandi - DigFam, TM, KC, Breaks


  1. 12.21.2018 ~ #phlashback with us to the first edm party covered for the site ... christmas massacre at the White Schoolhouse ... featuring Rowland the Bastard, DJ ODI, Dan Deliverance, and DJ Zack Attack plus much more ... 17 yrs back on this #flashbackfriday - more from this event @


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