eclipsed eclipse

The solar eclipse viewing from Arkansas turned out to be a huge non-event.  Once again, the media hyped the situation beyond all recognition, forecasting unmanageable crowds, snarled traffic, and a shortage of resources.  None of this happened or would have happened.  It just does not work that way, no matter how badly the media wants it.  Some got caught in their trap though.

Many communities braced for the onslaught, along with the Arkansas Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol, with extra staffing and amenities for customers that never materialized.  Churches and community organizations within the path of the eclipse brought in food trucks, cooked up their food for sale, and blocked off parking lots so that they could charge for parking.  Large towns benefited, but the smaller towns were left wondering where everyone had gone to. 

Regardless, we walked away with a few good shots of the sun and enjoyed an uncrowded afternoon with friends and family. 


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