first time opry time

After years of consideration, it was finally settled and, in no time, we were standing in front of the latest rendition of the "Home of Country Music" in Nashville, Tennesse.  The original home still stands over at Ryman Auditorium, though not quite as accessible as this more recent location from 1974.  
Or is it?

Availability, more so accessibility of parking, in this general area is not amusing, at the very least.  Generally, it is a test of will and patience.  Leaving the vicinity is just as, if not more, awful.  After 50 years at this location, it may be time for a new location, far away from the mall.

The event itself proved every bit as fun and worthwhile a journey as anticipated.  Relatively inexpensive seats offered a great view of the stage.  Indeed, the entire venue seems structured with that in mind.  Nothing is too far away, unless you are still trying to find parking, and there were a few that seemed to arrive later than expected. 

We planned too well for it to be an issue.  A chill day in the surrounding hills of Tennessee cleared the way for a fun and entertaining evening at the hands of a handful of country music stars from yesterday and today at the Grand Ole Opry.

Jeannie Seely kicked the show open with a couple of tunes, moving quickly into the Wood Box Heroes, and over from there to relative newcomer, Ashley Cooke. The Isaacs followed her, playing into Ricky Skaggs. Along the way, the Opry Square Dancers showed off their skills a couple of times before Gretchen Wilson stirred things up, with Big & Rich closing the night out.  

The entire event only lasted a couple of hours, but this pilgrimage left quite the impression, with hints at a return trip.  All played well, entertaining what appeared to be a full house of a couple of thousand. Not a single act disappointed.  Everything lived up to expectations, including the cost of souvenirs, which was really no matter. It is all about having been in that circle, whether on stage, or figuratively.


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