a rock show turns 62

Other plans delayed an outing to the annual rock show until afternoon on Saturday, which turned out to be an advantage over most.  Another visiting earlier told of a line stretching out of the entrance nearly a kilometer and spending 45 minutes locating a place to park. 

On arrival around 4 pm, it appeared most had given up their effort and retreated.  Parking appeared in the lot, near the entrance, with no wait at all. Entry to the event proved equally simplified, walking right up to the ticket counter and progressing in without obstacle.  Evidence of the throngs of people that had gone before greeted the senses upon entry though.  The entire place smelled of a well-used locker room.

Undeterred and forging ahead offered a view of the typical over-priced gems, minerals, and fossils that dominate these affairs.  Quite a few more were selling jewelry than usual, and an entire section stood ready for the glass and plastic bead lovers.   A few other amusements at the KC Gem & Mineral Show offered a more florescent and educational experience, if you knew where to look though.  Those are the few priceless features that keep the ordinary geologist from shuddering too much, while making the journey worthwhile for the shorter participants.


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