western farm show 62


The Western Farm Show returned to the American Royal Center in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, consuming all areas with a variety of implements to climb on, kick the tires, and learn a little bit about the latest technology.  

All the usual equipment turned out, along with a puppy or two, and a few other unique pieces here and there.  The entire complex offered a variety of machinery and steel constructions options to satisfy any curiosity and generate a bit more. 
The visit also enabled a stop in on the American Royal Museum before it settles into its new home on the other side of the state line in Wyandotte County.  The displays have seen better days though, and most of the interactive portions do not work any longer.

One the more interesting highlights included a live performance by small group of heifers showing off how they were more eager to work with someone not scaring them at every opportunity. Their partner, Dr. Ron Gill, Professor & Extension Livestock Specialist with RanchTV at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension demonstrated exactly how much control you can exert over a beast such as this, without stressing them out with whips and other contraptions.

With quite a few more events going on through July, the calendar for the American Royal appears to be mostly full for the year. There is little doubt we will be back down for another event before getting too deep into summer.  


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