speakeasy sorcerer

Invited to drop in on the latest "pop-up bar" at KC Power & Light District, the affair fell a little short of expectations.  It was not awful, but it was not a profound experience either, landing somewhere unknown in the middle.

Sorcerer's Speakeasy, a magical-themed bar, leans heavily, if not completely, upon the Harry Potter movie series.  House in the old Leinenkugel's, organizers put little effort into it beyond that.  Much of the decor appeared as though it came straight out of the dollar store. 

Some folks seemed perfectly pleased enough with the scene.   An equal amount seemed to desire more than Harry Potter on 4 screens with plastic library scenes taped to the walls.   If we had been expected to pay for the experience, we might have felt cheated.

Appetizers and drinks were tasty and service, excellent.  Staff were accommodating, squeezing us in without a reservation.  Some sort of mix-up in the Open Table system had cancelled the original, leaving us somewhat stranded.  That made up for short falls, and made for an amusing means of losing an hour or so of the evening.


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