oz returns to the big screen

"The Wizard of Oz" returned to the big screen this weekend in celebration of its 85th anniversary.  A reflection of the days before digital, in more ways than one, those that cared most about this film did not miss the rare opportunity.  

Alignment of the projector turned out the only drawback to this particular showing at Barrywoods AMC.  A strip all the way across the top of the film appeared off screen, glaringly obvious in only a couple of scenes, though not so much as to detract from the experience.

We would not be at a loss at all if this showing, and others noted in the previews, stood as the new normal.  In the days before digital, each year, we anxiously awaited the return of our favorite films to television.  In the post-digital realm, perhaps we will now be waiting to see those same visions on the screen for which they were originally intended. 


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