cheeky argylle

An acquaintance won tickets to an special early screening of the upcoming movie "Argylle."  They were unable to attend, so we made the journey down to North Kansas City for a look and a laugh or two.

Trivia kicked things off, with folks competing for the opportunity to win a movie t-shirt.  Mostly oblivious to questions centering around the director, actors, their movies and other associated facts, we walked away empty-handed.

A mostly full house turned out, though the Press could not be bothered to make an appearance.  They left nearly two full rows empty, of which the organizer took full advantage.  More of the general audience had arrived than there were seats available.  Those folks eagerly opted for hijacking an empty Press seat above standing or squatting for the two hours in Theater 1.

The movie began, proceeded and culminated in the style of James Bond, all the while mocking just about every other outlandish and extraordinary event occurring in that sort of spy thriller.  What began as mildly amusing grew to its own level of peculiar cheeky hilarity and an enjoyable evening at the movies. 

While it is probably not a must-see on the big screen, the experience is always worthwhile.  Not everyone can squeeze a 12–15 meter screen into their house.  

Screenland Armour turned out a great place to enjoy this film too.  While it does not boast as large a screen as many of the monster theater complexes in town, it does offer a level of intimacy not afforded anywhere else.  This particular theater hosted a line of sofas up front, and well-padded and wide leather seating that allowed for stretching out and even a little rocking.  


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