glowing garden

Leaving Kansas City and Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror to entertain other notions found us at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St Louis.  There seemed no better place to be to avoid the harried shopping masses than surrounded by a dazzling array of Christmas lighting.

Arriving just in time for our appointed entry for the evening, we crossed into the garden space aglow with a variety of displays and other lighted artistic renderings.  Each area enabled a different sort of experience, with a few interactive encounters mixed in along the way.

Additionally, warm treats were spliced in between provided some comfort on this chilly 0°C evening.  Adult beverages and those designed for the younger crowd steamed from inside gloved hands for many involved in the affair.

The temperature proved not much of a deterrent, in the end.  The masses avoided through most of our journey to the garden emerged early and lingered longer than likely anticipated by organizers.  In contrast, thankfully, very few actually entered the complex later in the evening on this day after Thanksgiving at Garden Glow.


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