thursday mat franco

The last evening in Las Vegas offered up the opportunity to see magician Mat Franco at no cost.  That is a fairly rare occurrence on The Strip.  In reality, show tickets without financial obligation appear the order of the day, more often than not.  It is usually a trap.

The hosts don't make any money on these shows.  They just want to draw you hoping you will consider losing some of your money in their casino.  This did not feel that way, except for having to pass through one just to get to the show, which caused us to be a bit late.

We did not miss much though, and he performed well.  His guests were the punchline for the evening that he included in every act.  Mat mocked, laughed and bewildered them in good fun. It is hard to believe he has been holding down this spot for eight years now.

A few mentioned on the way out that any part of it could have been written off as planned participation.  Responses from the crowd leaned in that direction as well, a few times.  There is really no saying whether it was true or not.  Sometimes it is more fun to indulge your imagination, and it proved a good way to kick off the last night in town.

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