highway desperado tour in kc

Jason Aldean ripped through Kansas City on Thursday night, flanked by Mitchell Tenpenny and Corey Kent, with backup support from Deejay Silver.  The latter proved an interesting twist to this little adventure at T-Mobile. 

Throughout most of the evening the folks in front of our row kept the game on for us, so that we did not have to miss a single beat.  It was good to have a relatively solid view of the proceedings available on demand.

It was also a pleasant surprise to recognize several of the tunes performed by the opening acts, who drew a solid crowd early in the game. Splicing the various sets together throughout the evening, Deejay Silver distributed a random array of popular country music tracks, along with a few of the more funky variety.

Corey led the night off, belting out some of his latest work, eventually leading up to his recent hit single “Wild as Her," which landed him a deal with Sony Music Nashville and their RCA Nashville Imprint.

Mitchell followed things up with his string of hits like "Drunk Me," Truth About You," and "At the End of a Bar," together with accompaniment by most of the stadium.  His closing rendition of the Goo Goo Dolls "Iris" found the entire arena joining with mobile device flashlights swaying across the scene.

Jason Aldean pounced on the back of that, after a short break, launching into a string of hits known by nearly everyone in house.  He only paused a couple times to talk with an endearing crowd, at one point commenting on the backlash to his recent release "Try That in a Small Town."  His words could not have come closer to the truth.  He did not disappoint the crowd on hand, finishing the night out with several of the new up and coming tracks.  The end of show came quicker than expected and rather abruptly.  The crowd made no effort to encourage an encore, seeming to accept the inevitable, turning to depart without issue.  That was kind of strange.

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