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Acting on personal invitation from DJ C-Vaughn, formerly of 96.5 The Buzz, we headed out for the evening to consume some early beats before heading off to dreamland. 

We must have been just a bit too anxious though, since we arrived before anything started.  It did give us an opportunity to reconnect with some old faces though before losing our hearing to anything less than shouting, knowing smiles, and understanding nods.  The artwork at MOD Gallery offered up amusements of their own, always a flavorful cast, luring us into its intrigue.

In no time, Brian Flinn of local management company Night Shift Entertainment started to spin his musical journey for the few in attendance, and those that would arrive in time.  He played a collection of current and past favorites that didn't dip too far into the past, offering a up a rhythm that stirred feets all around.

Much later than had been planned for, but no less appreciated, DJ C-Vaughn took over, mixing out of the progressive and trance laced set by Brian, and into the Breaks that had made him popular with so many folks in the early days of this new millennia. 

Dreamland beckoned more demandingly than ever though, a siren call much louder than the music could drown.  It was good to get back to a night out filled with a little art and beats.

. . .

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