a freemont street experience


So much has been made about this particular situation, we felt obligated to investigate the concern.  Research uncovered that there could be an admission involved.  It would not have been surprising.  However, contrary to internet reports and attempts to lure unsuspecting individuals into purchasing tickets to this, it is not required in the least.

We only thought that we had been dazzled by an excess of light further south on the Strip.  After a $30 cab ride north 9 km, we stood stunned by consumption of electricity and assault on the senses.  Three or four stages tucked away so as not to audibly overlap offered everything from pop to metal.  Likely the most enjoyable part of the whole thing, a little latin groove happening in the middle of the street.

There were parts that were not quite as dazzling, but attempts were obviously underway in an effort to change all that.  Others joined us in taking a small break away from the excess.  It just kept drawing everyone back though, in a weird sort of neon loop.

The center mass of this experience included an overhead display of lights and lasers, set to music by TiĆ«sto, Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons, Shakira, Katy Perry, The Chainsmokers, and Stone Temple Pilots.  Everything kind of paused when this show started. It was the main distraction.  Then, all the surrounding chaos fired up again. 

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Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas (vegasexperience.com)


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