a minimal freedom fest

This year, Freedom Fest fell a bit flat.  Entries and attendance were both down.  Some blamed the heat wave that had passed through, while others put more faith in the string of unpredictable weather events preceding the event.  Something in the air played a larger role though; likely, nothing more than poor marketing and promotion.  Folks were still getting used to the idea of the annual cardboard regatta occurring on the 4th of July weekend.

Mostly clear skies offered up another beautiful day splashing about in and around Sandy Beach.  The only five entrants to the contest offered amusement in the late morning hours on the beach, intertwined with contestants face down in watermelon.   Rain threatened as the day wore on, and a bit of lightening eventually chased most out of the water.

Hunger eventually pushed our party towards other points on the map of this little town, along with the promise of a cool pillow in a darkened room for a few hours.  Foul weather eventually gave up on the region and a little nap time renewed vigor towards additional beach activities later in the day.   Arriving just before sundown, the lawn chairs had already begun to litter the sand in anticipation of the coming show.  

The rockets' red glare and bombs bursting in the air eventually pulled through and lit the night sky, raining down electric streamers, reflecting across the water in a festival of lights comparable to few.  A view from the sand or down in the water could only be bested by one floating in the middle of the small inland ocean.  We had missed the music, the races had flopped, but none of it really mattered among family, friends and few hundred acquaintances, under sparkling night skies.


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