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A field trip with a syndicate of 4th graders discovered new a few new aspects of this local sports museum that were not uncovered on the last visit.  With that group in attendance, along with 100 others from another school, the court and the activities felt much different than on awards night with The Firm several years ago.

The upstairs was basketball chaos for quite a while.  Taking a cue from the staff, the crew started their adventure with the basketball activities littering the ground floor, until they could properly add their statement to the mix upstairs.  Some were found enjoying a feature documentary on the sport and the teams, while others searched for their favorite stars in the Hall of Fame, when they weren't passing the ball, slam-dunking in the short court, shooting one free throw after another, or taking a stab at television broadcast journalism.

The Hall provided other bits of intrigue for them too, with banners, posters, medals, and the Ferris Mowers NABC National Championship Trophy.  It is not entirely clear if it was a replica or the real thing, but overall, of little concern; to them, this was the one KU brought home this year.  They enjoyed every minute of their time at this location and that it closely correlated to roughly 4 hours of recess they would not hesitate to do again.

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