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zz top with willie nelson & family

Hearing that they legendary Willie Nelson would be in town again, the decision was made to make the pilgrimage out to have a listen one more time, in spite of the growing concern surrounding COVID.  Tickets and precautionary measures in place, the night proved a fantastic evening of flashbacks and introductions. Arriving in time to catch the opening act, disappointment at conditions surrounding entry delayed the situation. The coordination by staff at the venue was clumsy at best, and undoubtedly not COVID aware or sensitive.  A full house of people, which appeared to have arrived all at the same time, were mostly unmasked, crowding through two entry points. Seats were located and secured just in time to catch the last tune from George Thorogood and the Destroyers, followed immediately by a quick set change.  Although it had been quite a few years since catching the act, he played as his electric-slide-blues style as good as ever.   Willie Nelson & Family took the stage next.  He w