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According to electronic beats, "in the last few years, DJs and producers have been sublimating their societal anxieties into blood-curdling vocals, grating distortion, and pummeling blast beats."


Westworld introduces a collection of short films by Wonderbound, set to take the place of its annual fundraising gala, to include a projection mapping performance piece set to the Gasoline Lollipops song "Fast Train."


EarthSky shows us that "for the first time, astronomers have detected a planet orbiting a white dwarf star. If further confirmed, the discovery shows that some planets could survive the destruction of their sun-like stars, and some might even remain potentially habitable"


Gizmodo reviews the latest solo exhibition of Scott Listfield and "that damned astronaut in the middle," presented by Spoke Art, opening in New York City on September 19.


PHYS.org reviews an Indian University study of a head to head examination of the Reproducibility and Open Science movements, which surprised researchers and suggests that one of the movements promotes greater equity, diversity, and inclusivity.


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