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OneEDM presents a discussion with Birmingham-born Daisy Guttridge about her music career during youth, previous tours, new music available, and upcoming plans.


Crosscut takes a look at some choreographers are getting creative with their virtual performances in Seattle, during the ongoing physically distancing requirement.


Inverse predicts that information is the fifth element, according to a a new theoretical study, and it holds the potential of inducing a worldwide crisis if ignored.


The Guardian explores a different take on adapting, related to recent exhibition detailing the story of electronic music and its wild cast of characters including Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Frankie Knuckles, Aphex Twin and Jean-Michel Jarre, who has loaned objects from his studio.


BBC Culture explores how recent global events appear to have caused us to increase our recognition of people with something real to offer, or was it only a blip on the radar?


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