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A through thoughts on the influence of electronic music and the relative impact in shaping game development and player experience.  Skrillex Quest stands out as an overt example in the article, with other discussions towards Grand Theft Auto V and a few others.


Dancing alone comes naturally for many people, but more suffer from a self-conscious state that prevent their fully letting go.  A few thoughts from "How to Dance Alone" might just help one get back to that self-contained and carefree mindset of physical expression.


A new study examines the magnitude of human impact on the natural world, and explains how "close to 50 billion years of cumulative evolutionary history worldwide is at risk."  As with most anything environmental, the solutions are rather simple, through global collaborative efforts.


Ulysses De Santi and Graham Steele blend their opposing styles against the backdrop of a 1939 West Hollywood hillside home with clean lines and hints of Cape Cod.  Filled with "pieces from one of the most fertile periods of Brazilian art and design," the collection takes center stage.

In a discussion related to a photography project by the International Labour Organization, a master practitioner of the Hawaiian hula dance told UN News that he is “nothing without my culture.”  Hula is much more than dance.  It is the past, present, and future of the people of the islands.


The restoration process is complete. All event photos and articles are fully restored.  The backstory is discontinued in favor of writing on specific events within already existing associated blog posts.  

Always looking to expand content, if interested in writing a column similar to this, any one of these topics, or have your own idea, leave a comment below or get in touch with the editor at phocas.net.


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