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Lulu Garcia-Navaro gets a primer straight from Detroit on what to listen for in Deep House, along with a little history of electronic music.  The story includes several samples from some of the greats and look at the influence the music holds on the world of today.


A One-Reeler Film set to glitchy electronica by Radiohead's Thom Yorke, choreographed by Damien Jalet, featuring actress Dajana Roncione and the  Swedish Göteborgs Operans dance company.  It is fantastic story of anxiety and romance across 15 minutes available now on NetFlix.


An examination of recent findings from the University of Technology in Gothenburg, published in Science Advances, suggesting that cellular membranes on Titan would be inverted, immobile,and rely on slow diffusion of smaller molecules.  While It does beg the question, how then would cell integrity be maintained? 


Artist and writer Agustín Vidal Saavedra has been busy recently creating animated versions of paintings from the some masters.  Set to a backdrop of electronic music, and an intro that includes snapshots of his process, paintings from Caravaggio, Gaulli, Nouguereau, Bryullov are coming to life, one by one.


An interesting discussion of a paper recently published in the journal Science analyzing universal characteristics of music and culture, the variations and common threads running the world’s songs and song-related behaviors, indicating a global presence of music in human minds.


The restoration process is in high gear, currently complete through August 2006.  Full restoration of all prior photography anticipated in May 2020.

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