Branches ignite after falling across power lines, during a recent ice storm in Kansas City.

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On the evening of the anticipated release date of the forthcoming album Guiding Light, and while on tour in support of the same, iconic trance producer/DJ Paul van Dyk will be taking folks on a sonic journey  at Club Europe in St. Louis at the end of of January.


"... [Metal] embodies the concept of one world spilling into another with explosive energy," with five dancers and eight metal-heads, traditional throat singing, modern dance, and underground metal, against a backdrop of unique and distinct cultures.


Peter Vickers, Associate Professor in Philosophy of Science at Durham University, suggests that if we discover evidence of alien life, we probably would not even realize we had.  Bias and bad data have created the perfect mousetrap for scientists on their quest to discover any sort of life beyond earth. 


Proclaiming he would no longer make boring art, John Baldessari launched his creativity in a new direction in 1970, cremating two decades of paintings, and placing a death notice for them in a local paper.  Awarded the National Medal of Arts for his creative genius in 2015, the celebrated conceptual artist stepped away from this world at the beginning of January.


Erasing boundaries between home and work, careers in the 21st century are consistently demanding more hours than are realistic. New research supports a call for employers and lawmakers to rethink the traditional model of 9 to 5 in five days, suggesting it really does not fit any longer.


The restoration process is flying along now, currently complete through June 2006.  Full restoration of all prior photography anticipated in May 2020.

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