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tobin fear in a handful of dust

The depth and scope of the musical ingenuity of Brazilian-born and UK-raised producer Amon Tobin is an inarguable inspiration to many. From the Kronos Quartet to Diplo, he has achieved respect among artists across all genres during a career spanning more than 20 years, releasing era-defining tracks, setting an unmatched pace of sonic exploration and musical adventurism. Amon Tobin continues exploring the musical cosmos in his upcoming studio album "Handful of Dust," which is set for release on April 26 on his newly minted Nomark label, but already has three singles bouncing around the internet airwaves. Tobin says of his latest, "Fooling Alright"accompanied by video, ‘'I’ve always sung on my records in one-way or another, usually as a texture, and sometimes as a different character. This character is kind of androgynous and creepy to me, which is great because the setting in my mind is 1950’s Americana," which he finds extremely creepy. Cree