full spectrum immersion

Immersive event creators Caravan Gitane and House of Yes again combine creative forces to present ‘Full Specturm' with producer Max Cooper in Brooklyn at 99 Scott. The live audio/visual performance from the British producer as he showcases new music off his latest album, ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ and newly-released ‘Reflex’ EP.

Introducing a theme of quantic, bright geometric, electrifying connectivity, the evening invites the mind to let go and expand into a state of pure bliss. Together, the two leading event purveyors will present the finest performers and an enticing array of activation in what is sure to be one of their most elaborate collaborations to date.

Caravan Gitane x House of Yes at AcidCase in 2018 | Photo credit: Erica Camille

Touching down in New York for one show only as part of his global One Hundred Billion Sparks tour, Max Cooper has carved out a unique position for himself as an artist who merges electronic music with visual art to creative live audio/visual, immersive sensory experiences.

With a 2019 collaboration in the cards with renowned pianist Bruce Brubaker, the NYC debut of ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ is inspired by his love of complex melody and science thanks to his PhD in computational biology.

The EP ‘Reflex’ is out now via his MESH imprint, fans can expect a spectacular performance of both new and old material with 270 immersive audio and visuals that employ the roof and walls of the space to envelope them in Max’s world.

Complementing his signature sound will be audio sculpting and visual design by Subhaze Studio, New York underground staple and All Day I Dream mainstay Lauren Ritter, Amsterdam based Miss Melera of Colourizon who finds a unique balance between deep, tech house and techno, and minimal house DJ, Aida. Leafar Legov will explore the cinematic and experimental edges of ambient, house and techno, while Caravan Gitane and Mayan Warrior resident Concret will be on board to showcase his mix of house beats, dark Spanish vocals and ethnic percussion.

Max Cooper - Identity - Official Video by Pylik from Max Cooper on Vimeo.

Taking over two stages within the much-loved warehouse space, together Caravan Gitane and House of Yes will craft a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages participation and full immersion through a plethora of experiential performances and activations.

On display on the lower level, will be artist Gazoo ToTheMoon’s geometric cosmic art that glows under neon UV light while in the main room, huge screens will be fitted out in order to capture Max’s full spectrum audio visual installations. Advance tickets are on sale now while supplies last via Eventbrite.


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