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mongol metal

Chinggis Khan statue in Mongolia - photo by  Fran├žois Philipp    ... The fusion of music and culture is often taken for granted.  It is not often a clearly defined presence, until a sound comes along that speaks to the tribal soul. Throat-singing originated among the indigenous Turko-Mongol tribes in the mountains of southern Siberia and western Mongolia.  It uses harmonically rich vocal timbres to communicate with both the natural and supernatural worlds. As you might guessed, because of these ethnic and ritual associations, the Soviet Union did as many others have throughout history in a vain attempt to destroy culture. They forbade the style of singing. Loss of influence throughout the region of Mongolia opened the door for a resurgence of many cultural practices. It never really stopped anyway.  Handing down stories through song, and often dance, is likely one of the oldest of facets of human culture and cannot be stopped. Incorporating Throat-singing with theme