toadies in favor of house

We had never seen Toadies live and really only a knew a few of their tracks, but headed down for the free show anyhow.  We did not have anything better to do, and it was a free show.

Arriving early enough to snag parking right across the street from Crossroads, we were instantly distracted by a deep and steady beat coming from across the parking lot.  House.  It lured us in, curious as to who might be spinning up these sounds.

It seems that MOD Gallery does a regular 1st & 3rd Sunday Groove in the parking lot out back.  Quite the family friendly event too, a variety of ages chilled in late evening, enjoying the sounds of summer fading into fall.

We still do not know who was playing just then, but were happy to see a lot of familiar faces, and hear that Tony Markham would playing later on.  Toadies were slipping away.

Hearing things go quiet across the street Crossroads, we decided to head over there.  Toadies would be going on soon.  We had come for that purpose after all.  Might as well make the effort.

After lingering in the wood chips with a few friends for about 20 minutes, Toadies finally took the stage.  They played well, but the sound was not so great.  The sound guys had their roof up, so they were probably unaware of how bad it was in other parts of the area.

Not particularly feeling the angst of the 90s, two that had traveled with us headed back to MOD Gallery across the street after only a few tracks.  We only held out for another two or three, moving about the area, seeking better sound arrangements.

Crossing back to MOD, the familiar warm and steady beat welcomed us back. Tony Markham took over just as we arrived, and we spent the remainder of his set and part of the next enjoying some great beats!

There are really only a couple more photos of both events, but you are free to contribute your own to the appropriate album.  Just view, then join the sunDown  event album, or if you were across the street, view and join the Toadies event album.


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