plaza art fair 2018

This little trip was really only on Saturday the 22nd.  It was the perfect day to get out and have a look around. Much of Kansas City had similar notions and the streets of the Plaza were loosely crowded, with just enough space to move about freely.

Local public radio station KKFI hosted a stage right in the heart of it all.  We paused there for a bit, but we had only just arrived and were anxious to see the offerings.

Heading west along the line of booths, at the time of day we arrived was a little rough, with the sun blazing down on what had been an otherwise cool day.

There were quite a few standards about covering nearly every genre one could think.  Jewelry, furniture sculptured works were peppered in with assortment of unique prints, drawings, and paintings.

Backtracking along the other side of the street encouraged viewing. The shadow of the buildings to the south enabled sanctuary from the sun and a less blinding journey down the road.

It was an interesting, but brief visit.  Turning towards Brush Creek, we encountered an alley of food and just beyond a band commanding a position on the bridge across.  The crowd levels at this point encouraged a detour for our little group and we decided to move on with our day.


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