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32nd world championship cardboard boat races

While visiting the great state of Arkansas, we had the opportunity to check out this event, which had been elusive for several years.  The endurance of some of these hand manufactured boats was quite surprising, and amusing at times. Apparently, the theme of the year was Star Wars, and there were quite a variety of flotation constructions about the landscape of Sandy Beach. All of the contraptions endured the warm waters quite well, and really did not take on any water.  It was quite surprising, considering the construction materials permitted. A few, while water tight, contained a few minor design flaws that caused disintegration under pressure. One almost fell apart at the starting line, and eventually did, prior to the finish line. It was quite a lot of fun though, and a full house on the beach in spite of threatening rain.  We look forward to getting back to it again. view more photos from this event or add your own to the mix

backstory update

In case you have not been following along, things have changed a bit.  Writing the backstory was getting a little stale and not really going much of anywhere, just recanting the events of any particular month that was restored.  I put a stop to it.  Eventually, we will get back to that, once I have had a little time to soak in it.   Beginning with the series related to 2005, when an event is restored it will be posted to a couple of the more prominent social channels.  This will offer an opportunity to focus on the photos again. Some of those have already begun to appear on another channel.  Kind of like the raves old days, you have to be looking around for it though.  See if you can find it.   The back story column will return when a few more thoughts are in order, and there is always that random current event that will show up here, so check back.  Otherwise, look for phocas on your favorite social channel for the most up to the minute on the latest of the restorati