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phreakz and juggalos

Launching into the traditional party month of October 2004, two big names in House music landed in Kansas City on the same night.  I was on my own photographing that evening, but did catch both of the acts.  They were only on opposite sides of downtown after all. The next morning I headed over to a parade in the community, but took the night off.  Joe picked up where I left off, spending his evening in much the same way as I had the previous night, first covering Randall Jones, then hooking up with Jason to cover Kinetic. Monday brought Seraphim Shock to midtown, and a bit of High Contrast downtown.  The weekend offered two opposite ends of the spectrum.  The fire of the second in the post-Burning Man event series went off in rural world of east Kansas while downtown, Kourtney covered Sandra Collins. With two events going on midweek, we wandered the streets briefly for a visit to both.  The Perk is always good for a good chill evening, but a new little gig The Point