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... a monthly column presenting five random topics of interest associated with the underlying themes of the site ... music . dance . life . art . culture ...  Coils glow pink and purple around black lights at the 604 Paramore Sessions New Years Eve extravaganza put on 666 ZipCode Town Rekkids in December of 2002. Access more from photos from a variety of events recently restored to the site from the menu on the right, or the "story archive" tab from any device. music Berlin’s Clubcommissioner Lutz Leichsenring and Amsterdam’s Night Mayor Mirik Milan officially launched " The Creative Footprint " this month.  This innovative new project goal is to gather data data about every single music venue in NYC, and work closely with nightlife scene in the city to find solutions to problems around gentrification. dance image courtesy of  Tesseract In a quest to push the limits of dance  At REDCAT, 'Tes