Monday, November 06, 2017

bangin wakarusa chaos

Quite a variety of events took place in June 2004, including a huge festival out at Clinton Lake State Park, the grand opening of a new club, and a return of Chaos.

It all started out in the farmland of eastern Kansas near Lawrence at the TribalVision ranch, where a dog pile of local and regional DJ talent kept everyone on their feet dancing through the night.

The next night Chakra hosted a variety of talent from DJs, burlesque dancers, and a prohibition-era Jazz band that played some wicked hot tunes.  All of this towards helping promote the club as a new spot, and a certain cigarette company.

All was quite for the following week though.  Everyone was saving energy for the swirl of chaos that would engulf the Uptown Theater.  The second version of the successful Chaos Theory event from the previous year went off as huge, if not, more so.

More chill time followed that event, as another followed directly in the path the following weekend.  The first version of Wakarusa completely consumed Clinton Lake State Park, with a huge lineup.

Meanwhile on the same night, Joe covered another fairly large event down at the Madrid. The Drum Diaries US Tour landed in town, and looks to have been quite a bit of fun.  I was sorry to have missed that one, but then I would have missed Wakarusa!

Everything kind of slowed down a little at that point.  We dropped in on a couple of random events.  NuSkool had a BBQ, and a group of folks from the local music scene put together a benefit at for a local girl needing medical financial assistance.

Along with DJ Solaris, I played a little party down in the west bottoms. He also accompanied my in my quest for car keys out in Wamego, Kansas.  We were on our way to an event out in a farm field nearby that Joe had already been at for most of the night, "Bangin Under Stairs."

We were thinking about banging at 3 am; that is, thinking about banging in my window.  Surprisingly and fortunately, we were able to locate assistance with retrieving said keys and were off to the main event in no time, sort of.

Another themed event at the Empire Room closed out the month, with a little mid-summer Luau.  There was not quite the level of participation as had been with the previous pajama party, but still quite a good crowd.

All of these events are restored to the site now. You can learn more about them through their respective event post, or scan through all of  the events recently restored from June 2004.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


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Headphones and turntables await the return of the next DJ in the lineup, amidst a backdrop of tie-dye during a visit to the 604 Paramore Sessions of 666 ZipCode Town Rekkids in November of 2002.

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Korg teases music making app for Nintendo Switch, in this story by Thuy Ong on The Verge about After watching the short clip in the article, I am not quite sure how it will rise above those apps already in the market with touch screen interaction. It could be fun for a lot Nintendo fans though.


Announcing the winner of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.' contest in Science Magazine introduces us to Nancy Scherich and her focus on braid theory at the University of Santa Barbara.  Determining "the unique representations of twists and knots in high-dimensional spaces," she turned to dance to explain the process.


Image by Itamblyn - WikiMedia Commns
Nature Inspires Non-spherical Drug Delivery Nanoparticles in this story by Kerry Taylor-Smith on AzoNano.  It is a rare occurrence that anything in nature is perfectly spherical, while the complete opposite is often the challenge when synthesizing particles.  Mimicking nature, and creating more random non-spherical nano particles,  scientists hope to improve the delivery of drugs, such as certain toxins used in the treatment of cancerous tumors.


Chicago announces the city’s first public art plan, and Matthew Messner with The Architect's Newspaper examines how the city art program contributes to diversity of engagement through various incentives and programs in place since creating the first city-funded public art program in the United States in 1978.


AP Photo by Jim Palmer
November is Native American Indian Heritage Month, but one person will be noticeable absent from the Pow Wow. Learn more about the influential and controversial Native American activist Dennis Banks' life in photos, 1937-2017, assembled by the St Louis Dispatch.


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