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Above, local legend DJ Nitro spins out one of his last sets in the area before moving down the road with another local legend and favorite DJ Booth, back in August '02.  The tiny little warehouse in Lawrence, Kansas was the perfect spot for one last round.

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credit:  china daily
"China dances to a new, electronic beat" at the Storm Electronic Music Festival in Shanghai.  Ren Xiaojin talks about the emerging EDM following in that corner of the world, and how the music continues to bring people together.


A study out of the University of Brighton suggests you can burn about about 600 calories per hour. So, Yup Dance is the Best Workout.  Science Says So."  in this quick little bit by Jennifer Stahl in Dance Magazine.


As the fall festival season begins to loom on the horizon, Marion Clinton provides Five Tips To Survive Sharing A Room For A Festival in EDMID.  Then again, you don't get the fun and surprise of not planning anything.  


image credit: Sean Cavanagh, University College London, Joni Wallis, University of California, Berkeley, Steven Kennerley, University College London, Laurence Hunt, University of Oxford

Scientific American announced the winners of their annual contest to capture the brain at its most beautiful, in "The Art of Neuroscience" by Leslie Nemo.  While most of the pieces are actually the results of labwork, they are a form of art in their own right.


An interesting documentary on a fading language, both in this video and in "Greece's disappearing whistled language" by Eliot Stein at the BBC. Sfyria is "the oldest and more structured than many other whistled languages," and a unique form of communication more than 2500 years old.


Restoration of stalled temporarily, through April 2004.  We will return to that shortly, likely at a bit quicker pace.

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