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An early morning haze falls over the woods of southeast Missouri in the photograph topping the column this month, taken at Vibalicious 4.  Held at a local campground near the banks of the Meremac River, it was undoubtedly one of the better ways to spend a warm July night.

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You don't think about full much when Summer is in full swing, but you might want to make plans now for the return of Sun City Music Festival.  Labor Day Weekend (September 2-3rd) in Austin. The event promises "a long weekend full of live music, laughter, and unforgettable fun," with a lineup featuring Marshmello, Above & Beyond, a special guest appearance by Sasha & Digweed, along with a whole list of international artists.


Adam Pasick givs us a nice quick overview of what animals actually can get their groove on, in his story, "Sorry folks, but that gorilla isn’t actually dancing—and there are very few animals who actually can."  Researchers speculate that dancing may very well be "a byproduct of vocalization, more specifically the ability to mimic the voices and sounds of other animals."


Matthew Spong via Wikimedia
"During the first San Francisco dot-com boom, techies and ravers got together to save the world" takes a look at the evolving rave scene in the US during the early 90s. Timeline writer Stephanie Buck examines the weave of dance, music, art, life, and a culture that viewed "tech as the catalyst for human evolution."

by mooncow via Wikimedia Commons
Isaac Kaplan discusses a bit of what is going on with collections displayed in museums, the benefits and distractions, ups and downs in his Artsy magazine editorial "When Collectors—Not Curators—Dictate Art History."


by St0rmz via Wikimedia Commons
Explore The Delicious History of Ice Cream during National Ice Cream Month, while celebrating with your favorite flavor! PBS Contributing Blogger Tory Avery takes a quick look at the varieties enjoyed over the last couple of thousand years.


Restoration of April 2004 is complete, with more to follow soon.  New collections are coming soon to a social media outlet near you!  We are already testing one such situation over on Tumblr, since that platform is a bit more indulgent than the others to alternative forms of photographic art.

Also, we are always looking to expand the social blogging aspect of the site.  If you are interested in writing a column similar to this, any one of these topics, or have your own idea, leave a comment below or get in touch with the editor at phocas.net.


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