march for babies kc 2017

Premature birth is the leading cause of death in newborns, as well as contributing to serious illness and disability in infants.  Many of those born prematurely experience developmental delays, chronic respiratory problems, along with vision and hearing impairment.  Some require long-term intensive care and ongoing treatment to ensure they live happy and healthy lives.

The March of Dimes supports life-saving research towards discovery of new treatment options for the prevention of serious illness and birth defects.  They also lobby legislatures to ensure adequate health care coverage for all pregnant women, babies, and children.

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Kansas City, our team walked in support of this mission, along with thousands of others in the Kansas City 2017 March for Babies.

Various activities provided some amusement for children of all ages prior to start of the short one-mile march down Grand Boulevard to 18th Street.  The return trip passed over the Walnut bridge, which hosted memorials for those babies that did not make it, a solemn reminder of the reason for walking. It is uncertain how many folks actually participated, but the event raised nearly a half million dollars.

If you missed it, the organization hosts similar events throughout the year, in cities across the United States.  Check the March for Babies web site for more information, and then put on your walking shoes to help save the lives of those born early It is that easy.  This one event raised nearly a half million dollars!

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