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drive-by truckers sun volt

Initially bowing out, but then later caving under pressure, I ended up at the Crossroads for another show. I really had nothing better to do, but am generally persistent in my quest not paying unnecessarily large sums of money for shows in which I am not extremely well acquainted with the work of the artist. I usually regret it. The price tag to see the Drive-By Truckers along with Son Volt seemed like it might be one of those situations.  I had not heard anything recent from either in years.  In fact, I think it was the 1990s when I had last heard anything, and could not recall whether I really even cared for it or not. I did end up going anyway, and really enjoyed the performances by both bands, as well as recalling a few of their tunes.  It has been a long time indeed.  Son Volt played quite an extended set and while they were good, but a bit slow mode for a Friday night, and I think everyone was anxious for the headliner. The Drive-By Truckers took the stage and de

dinner with phoenix tim

We dropped in on The Phoenix for a late dinner and were pleasantly surprised to find a little live Jazz happening inside. While it was not quite as crowded as it usually is, we decided to camp out on the sidewalk.  It was a beautiful evening out, and we were more interested in conversation.  The music was a background bonus. Tim Whitmer and his band KC Express played straight through for the nearly 2 hours we were there, cranking out some solid Jazz for the patrons inside.  They were really enjoying it too, from what I noticed the one time I stepped inside. He has been playing at the Phoenix since the day it opened.  His award winning group KC Express consists of some of the town's premier musicians including Tom DeMasters, Rick Huyett and Ray DeMarchi.  Additionally, every week he hosts the vocal talent of Millie Edwards, Lori Tucker, or a special guest. If you ever need a place to kick back and enjoy dinner and Jazz, this is the place!  We only took the couple of photo

septemplur grooves

The summer of 2003 was coming to a close quickly, but that did not slow the pace any.  There were a lot of different things going on, and I was determined to diversify things just a bit.  I think I accomplished that, while at the same time hitting all the usual high points that were becoming increasingly significant in the Kansas City dance scene. Kicking off the month of September back in 2003, Industrial Area hosted a little CD Release Party for the Clan of Xymox, featuring The Jesus Complex, Biocarbon 13 along with local support from their group down at Davey’s. It was fun, but turnout was low, as with many events that month.  Perhaps there was too much going on? I tripped out to Lawrence a few days after that for Heather B’s birthday at the Paradise CafĂ©, a low key event really, promising much the same vibe as the Cup down on Delaware.  I am not sure if they ever pulled it off, as I never really made it back out there.  Things just got too busy. A couple of days after that