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hot night for baseball and bbq

Making or way out to Kauffman Stadium early in the balmy Kansas City afternoon for a little BBQ and Baseball, thermometers everywhere clearly stated that it was only 36 C. We understood otherwise. It had to be at least 40 C. This seemed especially true out in the parking lot of the stadium, where tailgating was already in full swing when we arrived. Indeed, we appreciated Ed Jones hooking us up with tailgating foodstuffs from Jack Stack, and tickets to the game. It was a good spread, but we ate entirely too much to be able to contribute anything further to the Kauffman vendors; excepting a couple of cocktails, that is. It was going to be a really a hot evening for baseball, in more ways than one.  The Kansas City Royals were battling the Cleveland Indians in the final game of the brief series between the two this week.  An important game for the Royals, if they won it would put them back in first place in the American League Central, alongside the Indians. Waiting f

the lumineers at kc live!

Thanks to our virtual patron Harley, we found ourselves at Kansas City Power & Light District again.  The Lumineers were appearing with support from another group simply named Soak.  We had never heard of either or so we thought, but as always, are willing to go and see what there is to see; that being especially true, if this particular patron makes a recommendation, we pay attention. We arrived a little later than we expected to, and after waiting in line for nearly 20 minutes, gained access to already packed house.  We stopped in at our usual place for a couple of drinks before entering the throng of people that continued to stream in.  I have no idea where all these people ended up finding a place to roost.  It was almost impossible for us to locate a position any better than where we ended up at, under the stairs outside of McFadden’s. It was a good spot though, with a relatively clear view of the stage.  Soak was just finishing the last few songs of their set,