chiefs watch party

We dropped in on the Pizza Bar at Power & Light District for the Kansas City Chiefs recent playoff game, as we did for the previous as well.  It was a good spot to hang out in the warmth with a few friends.  A lot of folks had the same idea too. 

We looked in on the “Living Room” a few times. I was a little surprised the crowd wasn't quite what it had been for the Kansas City Royals just a few months prior. It was cold though, and lacking the warmth of the ceiling heaters, not quite as comfortable as your own living room.

This particular Saturday was not too bad though, and quite a full display of red and gold. I snagged a couple of shots along the way, sill experimenting with the new Nexus 5x. I need a means of stabilizing that more, or quit attempting to balance on a narrow slab of concrete.

Aside from the one little video shot, I tried a partial photosphere, stole a shot at a couple of the cheerleaders talking with some folks, and stumbled across the girl in the balloon dress. Otherwise, I was a bit more interested in the game, which turned out poorly. There is always next year…


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