kill devil shades of jade

Stopping in a relatively new spot, we were hoping to catch an early performance from a band we had not heard in quite a while; instead, we got something completely different.  It was not bad, but not exactly what we were looking for. 

The Kansas City Power & Light District, the Kill Devil Club, and many other establishments really should make a greater effort to ensure that the information on their web site is correct.   The flyer had been sitting on my desktop for several months, and we confirmed the date on their respective web sites that day. 

The band, Grand Marquis was nowhere to be found though.  Another local group called Shades of Jade was setting up to play instead.  We were only out for a late evening drink and a couple of tunes anyhow, and we decided to give them a chance. 

The Kill Devil Club is not all that new of a spot, but it was the first time we had been there.  It turned out to be a nice.  Dimly lit, it was not so dark that you could not see around a room darkly decorated in blacks and reds.  There is plenty of seating throughout the place at small two and four-person tables, along with lots of cozy lounge-type seating around the perimeter of the room.  The service was good, and generally friendly, but terribly slow.  The food seemed a bit over-priced, and drinks about the same as you might expect anywhere else in the District.

Shades of Jade played well, after they found their groove.  The female vocalist had a sweet voice that carried nicely over the apparent rift between the drummer and the keyboardist, smoothing the situation out.  The latter seemed to be battling each other for control of the tempo throughout the first few songs; either that, or the songs themselves demanded that sort of activity, but it did not really seem so at the time.

I think it likely had more to do with the how they had arranged themselves, which really said a lot about whom thought who was in charge of tempo.  The keyboard player positioned himself in the back center, where a drummer usually sits; the drummer was off to the side.  They should probably reconsider this arrangement.  The battle seemed to sort itself out by third song though.  It is hard to tell, since the first set was really only 4 songs.

We headed out after that, so have no idea how well the rest of the night went.  Folks were starting to arrive, and the place was slowly but deliberately filling up.  We plan to make another trip to the Kill Devil Club and have a listen to Grand Marquis, and maybe Levee Town too.  Looking over their flyer of upcoming events, they seem to have a good line-up of local talent; of course, that is, if the calendar can be trusted.

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