tonelli american duo

We stopped in at The American Restaurant for a little chill jazz session with the Tonelli Duo.  This was one of the first official gigs in town for guitarist Mark Tonelli, after bidding farewell to regular duties with the Jazz Knights ensemble.

After spending 10 years with that group, he decided it was time for a change, and came to Kansas City to soak in the thick tradition of Jazz the town holds close.  Playing alongside a bassist, the two provided some light, enjoyable, and unobtrusive music for the early evening hours, enabling good conversation with those who had joined us.

Arriving before they started, we enjoyed a few appetizers and cocktails from the Lounge.  This was our first trip to this location, and we were happy to discover they supported numerous local Jazz musicians, hosting small ensembles regularly every week from Wednesday.

It runs through Saturday in the Lounge, playing mostly sounds of the Contemporary sort.  Situated as it is with a view of downtown, it is a nice little spot to unwind to some chill sounds, while watching night fall over the city.

there are no more photos from this event


  1. Thanks for coming, and thanks for the photos and video. They look great! The bassist is Bryan Hicks. It was a great night!

  2. totally missed this comment until now ... Thanks Mark! See you again soon!


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