under the sun tour kc

After a full and fun day in the sun, you would think there would not be much energy left over for a show.

However, if you leave immediately after you get home, you have no time to think about the comfort of the sofa.  A little disappointed that we had almost certainly already missed Uncle Cracker and Sugar Ray, that is exactly what we did, and arrived just before Better Than Ezra took the stage.  The Power & Light District was full, but we were still able to take up our usual post behind the soundboard.

It had been a hot day, but there was a good breeze moving through the venue, keeping things relatively cool.  The band came on just a few minutes after our arrival, and immediately launched into one of their big hits, and then another, before jumping off on a wild tangent, performing several cover songs.

Time catches up with us all eventually, and we forget more than we learned; but surely, not your own tunes.  The crowd did not seem to know how to handle this change, at first.  As is customary in Kansas City, everyone just went along with it though, and they were soon rewarded with a stage full of dancing girls.  The distraction had the desired effect, and most of us completely forgot that Better Than Ezra was not really living up to their name.

The band eventually passed into another of their recognizable tunes, and maybe even perhaps one more, and then they were done.  I did not know many of their songs in the first place.  They were just another of the one-hit-wonder sort, to me.  They did play very well, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  There was no encore though, and nobody really even tried.  It was probably for the best.  Having played everything that anyone would have recognized, they would have had to return to cover songs.


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