The site is changing again, and there will be a brief intermission, while I collect myself.  I am modifying the site towards a tighter integration with the blog side of things.  The event photos will continue to be stored as before, and restoration of the same will continue; however, leveraging the new Google Photos display. To accommodate this change, event photos will be re-posted similar to the manner in which they were originally, oh so long ago.  If you look at some of the recent posts, you will get the idea.  Another example of the concept can be found in that part of the restoration that has already bee moved to this format (2001 and 2013 through 2015).  Hopefully, this and the use of tags will help everyone find what they are looking for.

August and September 2002 have been restored, and I will get back to writing about that soon.  I got a little ahead of myself and posted September before I posted August, and had to backtrack.   This factor is probably the impetus for the previously described modification to the site. Over the next couple of months, I am going to play catch-up with that idea, and you should start seeing back-dated posts appear soon under 2002, with full descriptions of the events, a little commentary, links back to the photos, and any video I might have discovered along the way.  As mentioned, this has already been done for 2001 and 2013 through 2015.  This will definitely enable better tracking of the restoration, and provide more space to put thoughts about each individual event, rather than one long post every month.  Once I am caught up to where I left off with September 2002, the restoration should progress more quickly.

The restoration is turning out to be quite the task though.  The second review of the photos involves standardizing all of the associated meta-data; this includes ensuring data/time consistency, photographer name, camera model information, event name, and geo-tagging.   If you didn't already know, the restored photos now contain the coordinates of the location of the event; at least, for those that I can remember.  Some of them just have generic locations.  When you pull up a photo, click the info button to get a glimpse of the where the event took place.  This location also now appears in the associated post.

So, what does the future hold?  The site will remain.  That much was promised and will continue...

We continue to post new events too!  The site has turned the corner and is now devoted to any type of event.  It kind of always was, but electronica held center stage for so long, it still consumes most of the old content.  We would like to find others interested in contributing.  If you or anyone you know is interested in providing their take on events attended, leave a comment and we will get back to you.

Otherwise, you can find ~phocas~ just about everywhere else.  We post video on the YouTube, sound bites to SoundCloud, and any mixes we stumble across, to MixCloud.  Outside of that, we will likely be backing away from social media.  The site was here first, and was popular enough without all that nonsense.  You either care to check back with us, or you don't.  Consequently, we will continue to maintain a presence on Google+FacebookMySpace, and Pintrest, but will probably not bother announcing anything anywhere but on this site, and maybe Twitter (@phocasdotnet); the later seems to be the best avenue for announcements.


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