crossroads special sauce

While the girls were out and about at the latest super-pop country music spectacular at Arrowhead, we headed for the Crossroads again.  G Love & Special Sauce were the feature, along with Pink Royal and local artists, Captiva.  It promised to be an even better show than the previous week.  It is too bad the night was one tragedy after another.

The adventure started with a walk down to Grinders for food, and then found out I could not bring in my camera.  That remains one of the most ignorant rules for shows anymore.  I could not bring my camera in, but I could bring my phone in, which has a camera.  Indeed, just about every phone in that venue had a built in camera with which other folks were using to take photos and shoot hours of video.  I obliged myself, as well; although my phone camera is not quite the resolution of some of the other phones out that evening.  The whole thing goes right along with "no re-entry," which would come back to haunt me later in the evening.

We walked 10 blocks back to the car to get rid of the camera (but not my phone), and drove back just in time for the end of the Pink Royal set.  I really did not care for them so much.  Maybe it was just the few songs we heard out of them, but the singer seemed a little whiny.  The band seemed to have their act together though, and the music was pretty good.

It was between acts, that I hit the wall; you know, the one where you simply cannot remember if you locked your car or not.  The gatekeepers insisted that there would be no re-entry.  They did not care if I had forgotten to lock a rather expensive camera up or not, or that it would take me 2.3 minutes outside the gate to put my mind at ease.  No Re-Entry!  Ridiculous!

What purpose does it serve?  We were all set to leave the show for good, when we happened on a bit of luck.  We made the trip to the car, which was unlocked, ensured the camera was still in place, thereby locking said vehicle.  My appreciation goes out to those that helped accomplish this feat.  It does leave me wondering if that is the goal of the promoter? Do you really want people to leave and not come back?  There are some things worth that price.

I really like this venue though, having only been there a couple of times.  It is the perfect spot for an outdoor show.  G Love & Special Sauce turned out to be an awesome show too.  I had not heard of them more than just a month or so earlier, and was really impressed.  The light show was not quite what it had been at the show the week before, but the musicianship and lyricism made it up for it, and then some.  The phone on the camera takes crappy photos most of the time, I did take some video shots and spliced them all together on the YouTube below.


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