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facing the lens

The photo experience began to change, as folks turned towards the camera.  I noticed this, just after returning from Mardi Gras, and it became even more apparent during the month of March.    They smiled. They posed.  They put on a show.  I had started off looking for a more of a fly-on-wall view of an event, but this added a new, more personal dimension to the story line. March 2002 started off with several hundred descending upon the the El Torreon ballroom and danced the night away to the DeepFix production, Designer History.   It was quite a show, with Mateo Murphy from Montreal and Lance DeSardi, out of LA headlining, with backup from St Louis' Don Tinsley and local Kansas City house legend Pat Nice.  A Drum & Bass room rounded out the selection for the night, hosting Mr. Solve out of Springfield, and locals Ben Fuller, edw!n, Krillin and James Bond. The following Monday, along with a others throughout the month, found me back down at Evo's,  It was quickly be

pbr built ford tough kc

We had not been out to the bull riding spectacle in quite awhile, and the upcoming Professional Bull Rider Built Ford Tough Championships seemed to be as good of a time as any.  It was in Kansas City, at the Sprint Center, and featured some of the best of the best. I took several photos throughout the night, and experimented with a feature I found on a small camera that I didn't know it had.  Slow motion video of these rides is just the thing to do.  I pulled all of those little videos together, along with the photos, laid in a track and created the YouTube below. view more photos from this event

mesa acoustic pop

While out on walkabout, I stumbled on an afternoon performance in the Brown Sculpture Courtyard of the Mesa Arts Center.  It was a warm sunny day, and I had a good vantage point above, so I just chilled and listened for awhile.   I never found out who was playing, but the guy and his drummer played through quite a few random pop tunes.  The few video clips I capture are spliced together on the YouTube below.