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february mardi gras

Sorting the photos from February of 2002 reminds me that I may not always be able to write quite so much about every single month worth of photos; there are 246 for Mardi Gras 2002, alone. As time passes, numerous events will take this storyboard form. There were only two other events that I covered in this month though. The first was a little party at Oldham, the place that would later morph into KC's most dance-music influential nightclub, Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub. That's a whole other story on the horizon though. On this night particular night it was just a newly renovated and opened restaurant space, with local Steve Thorell dishing out House Music from a folding table to a small group of friends in the basement. The only other event outside of Mardi Gras would be later in the month, when we returned from Mardi Gras just in time for a birthday celebration for local DJ D.Day down at Club Evo's. Mardi Gras was the event photo story for the month thou

camouflage chfm worldwide

photo: South African born DJ/Producer Kimesh Desai aka Camouflage is an artist dedicated to the House Music cause since 1997. With over 15 years involvement, Camouflage has worked himself from the dance floors of Johannesburg, where he spent many weekends cultivating his love of House Music before acquiring some turntables and a mixer and  moving to London in 2003.  Once in London, after attending various parties, he finally began to land gigs at some of the top nightclubs in London, like Pacha and Ministry of Sound, finally landing a residency in Ibiza in 2007. Starting up Chicago House Music FM (CHFM) in September 2008, Camouflage opened the first show, and after several weeks of continuous support and success, kicked off a second show after only 2 months.  Live from Scotland, London, Eastborne and Manchester, a whole new world began to unfold for Camouflage and CHFM. Having very little music knowledge and armed with just that of being a DJ, he landed hi


Along the way during the previous month, I was invited to a party in a downtown penthouse called Capricorn's Delight; a birthday party in honor of local DJ Solaris and a girl known only as Shadie.  If I recall it was Solaris that lured me in, intimating that if I really wanted to see inside, I should come. Arriving at Capricorn's Delight,  I announced my arrival by shattering my gift of a giant bottle of J├Ągermeister on the floor.  Of course, someone immediately attempted to dub me with the nickname of "J├Ąger," which would have been acceptable enough , except I was already becoming fairly well known as "that phocas guy."  Cleaning up the mess and taking a short tour around the facilities, I got a chance to meet a few folks, until Kansas City's Finest arrived, complaining about their lack of invitation.  They were polite and considerate about the whole thing, and simply asked that everyone pack it up and relocate.  As a result, the Penthouse Part