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pomplamoose firebird

We traveled out to St Louis this past Saturday for a rare and unique performance by the band Pomplamoose at The Firebird!  After having marveled at their videos, and interesting twists on various covers of some of our favorite tunes, I was surprised and excited to get tickets to the event for my birthday! The only disappointing part of the entire show was the late start; even then, for us that was not quite so disappointing, since we arrived late, to a near sell out.  The line stretched out a half block, and everyone was pretty excited about the coming performance. The venue was perfect too, perfectly located downtown, with reasonable drink prices and a friendly staff.  All that is good though, right?  So maybe there really was no disappointment, after all. John Schroeder, their lead guitarist opened the show, with a bit of solo acoustic work.  One of the tunes a little too sleepy-time, and another seemed to stretch the range of his voice, but his playing throughout wa