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What follows is as accurate account as I can surmise. If somebody knows a better lie, please feel free to jump in anywhere. The people are real and are their own truth. The inspiration for a project occurred at the most fitting place, among the Millennium Mardi Gras in New Orleans. A close friend and I had crossed half the US to be in what at first appeared a war zone. Indeed, taking our first exit in to the city of New Orleans, we were confronted with burning trash barrels. It was only the aftermath of a parade, but hundreds of people wandered the streets, as if there had just been a riot. It was a bizarre sight that we would later take odd comfort in being a part of. “Flash” took the photos over that extended weekend of debauchery with good friends. There are only a few from the days leading up to Fat Tuesday, since he had to conserve floppy disk space on his Sony Mavica. There are lots of Mardi Gras day; a fantastic journey through seemingly endless cascade of parades a