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a night out in san diego

While visiting San Diego recently, we took the opportunity to check out the local dance music flavor one Thursday night.  After not finding very much information on the ole’ internet, we ended up relying on the advice of some folks we ran into at Whiskey Girl in the Gaslamp District.  They indicated that Thursday was EDM night in the area, more or less.  Fluxx and Voyeur were really the only establishments playing what were seeking, with the later being a bit more reliable. Voyeur was right across the street, so we confirmed that they were indeed hosting Electro House that night, and then headed down the street to Fluxx to see what they had to offer. We should have stuck with Voyeur though. We ended up there anyhow, after spending too much money at the bar for Fluxx. We did find some quality time with some locals though in between the two though. When we arrived at Fluxx, we found a $25 cover for a couple of names we had not heard before and can’t remember now.  W