the bunny the bear stories

Releasing their 4th album in just as many years this past April, New York-based band The Bunny The Bear latest “Stories” came across my desk for review.  Introduced to me as an electronic music band with promise, I agreed to have a listen and write a few thoughts. 

It has been a really long time since I sat down and intentionally listened to an entire album, and there are numerous reason for that; primarily that most “band music” has become hopelessly watered down with each trying to sound just like the other, and their tracks end up sounding just like the one before that and the one before that, and like everyone else’s.  The whole everyone has to sound like Dave Matthews thing awhile back is what really drove me over the edge, I think.  I still cringe anytime I hear one of those wannabe voices.

This release is nothing like that, but that initial introduction is a bit confining for this particular ensemble.  These guys have a unique sound that I cannot quite seem to compare to anything else really.  Their sound appears as a collage of multiple rock genres and musical styles mashed together.  At times uplifting vocals are trounced upon by growling death-metal  vocals , while another, reminiscent of Geddy Lee or Rik Emmett vocal stylings, linger in the back ground.  In contrast, at times, melodic piano runs dance over the top of heavy metal guitars pounding along with a stomping techno beat.  On top of all of that, here and there, one gets the impression that an old school Journey or REO Speedwagon power ballad is unfolding in directions frightening and unforeseen.  Indeed, the music contains its own special irony on all levels.

If you are looking for something different for your music collection, drop in and check it out; perhaps, you will find something new for yourself… or run away screaming.  Either way, be ready for a complex assault on the senses.  To sample that assault, hit the YouTube link below.

The Bunny The Bear ~ Stories on Victory Records ~ Available Now

  1. Eating Disorder
  2. In Like Flynn  (youtube)
  3. Hey, Allie
  4. It's Not Always Cold in Buffalo
  5. Another Day
  6. The Frog
  7. Melody
  8. Imagine
  9. Your Reasons
  10. What We're Hear For
  11. Saide

The Bunny The Bear are an American post-hardcore band from Buffalo, New York. Formed in 2008 by Matthew Tybor, also referred to as "The Bunny" hence the rabbit mask and persona he incorporates in the group. Tybor was immediately joined by Chris Hutka, known as "The Bear" whom likewise, wears a bear mask. In an interview with DEAD PRESS! when asked about the meaning behind the band name and the masks, Tybor stated that "I'm a little weird and a little off, but it was nothing in-depth or a serious meaning behind it. It was more of a random, incoherant thought and I ran with it".  Tybor employs screamed vocals for the band while Hutka provides clean vocals. Tybor also writes all music and lyrics for the band.

The Bunny The Bear's self-titled debut album was self-distributed in 2010 and was followed up with 2011's If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say... which was issued through Victory after their signing to the label in February 2011. The next album, The Stomach For It, was released on May 22, 2012. Their fourth album entitled "Stories" will be released April 2013.


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