juxtaposition along I-70

If you are lucky enough to be lingering around I-70 in Missouri this Friday, you have a couple of great choices for dance music.  The only unfortunate part is that they are on opposite sides of the state (and opposite ends of the dance spectrum).  Either way, there won’t be any of that bouncing back and forth between clubs; that is, unless you are also lucky enough to own a transporter.

Lance DeSardi and Tyrel Williams will be heading up the monthly event Jux-ta-Pose at the Uptown Arts Bar for a solid night of some of the deepest Acid House Kansas City has ever witnessed.  phocas.net has been lucky enough to catch both of these performers and has never walked away disappointed.  Probably the most memorable was Lance DeSardi’s appearance at Designer History back in 2002, when he rocked a full house at the El Torreon Ballroom; other performances, especially those at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub, were equally satisfying.   At SmartBar, Tyrel Williams kept folks coming back for more with his Acid Test residency at Smart Bar, hosting a variety of House legends through an ongoing vinyl weekly dedicated to the true art of DJing.  Whether you love House or Techno, get yourself down to the Uptown Arts Bar tomorrow night and be ready to get your groove on. 

250 miles across the state, a relative newcomer to dance music will be performing at Europe Nightclub.   Having made his debut in the world renowned DJ Mag Top 100 at 32 in 2006, the fast rise of Sander van Doorn is a testament to his raw talent and dedication. In just seven years he’s clocked up more dance floor destroyers, sell out gigs and awards than most artists do in a lifetime… and his journey is still in its infancy. (Resident Advisor)  We haven’t had the opportunity to catch Sander’s act live, but after listening to sets on MixCloud, and recalling our last adventure to St Louis for Above & Beyond at Europe Nightclub, we are certain it will be a show worth seeing. 

Warming up for this Interstate juxtaposition in Kansas City will be KansasCityTechno.com resident Todd Howard, along with an upstairs guest crew featuring DJ Rucksa & Mr. Solve.  While out in St Louis, resident Rob Lemon will make sure the dance floor is good and primed.

For more information about Jux-ta-Pose visit Kansas City Techno

For more information about Sander van Doorn visit Disco Donnie


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