Friday, April 26, 2013

lance desardi vs tyrel williams

story by Sarah ~ jux.ta.pose - vb (tr): to place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.  That is the idea behind the latest monthly electronic music night from

The last Friday of every month DJ's of genres from all ends of the music spectrum hold down the Uptown Arts Bar, on Broadway in Kansas City. April featured house DJ's Lance DeSardi and Tyrel Williams (San Francisco) in the main room, and drum and bass DJ's Rucksa and Mr. Solve (Disorder Crew) holding down the upstairs room.  This night has become one of my favorite events in the city, hands-down. resident Todd Howard opened up the night with some smooth deep house, and got the dance floor warmed up nicely.  Howard has a knack of building his sets that I have rarely witnessed.

Whether he's playing CD's or using Serato, he really takes care to program his sets to keep you into it from start to finish.  The technology that has come to DJing over the last few years has really allowed DJ's to be mobile with their music, as well as creative in new ways.

Williams and DeSardi then took over, with their all-vinyl tag-team set that kept the dance floor hot all night long.  I love shooting DJ's whom you can see their passion for what they do, whether it be playing CD's, vinyl, or using the latest technology with Serato or Traktor.

 I am newer to the electronic music scene, unlike some that have been going out to parties for years and years, seeing shows where DJ's lugged crates and crates of vinyl to every show.

So watching Williams and DeSardi flip through their records, pulling those that make the cut for their set, placing the record on the turntables, and setting the needle on the record is exciting and gets my anticipation up.  Watching a vinyl DJ play is something to see as well.  When you see the DJ lean in to get the needle in the right place, you see them make that connection to their music, sometimes down at needle-level.

Disorder Crew held it down proper in the upstairs room with drum and bass.  They have been part of the Kansas City electronic music scene for a number of years, starting out on vinyl, and incorporating the newer technology as well.  Disorder Crew also holds down a weekly Disorderly Conduct Radio Show on each Wednesday.

When the dance floor is moving, I am shooting.  I look for people who are having fun, getting down, in the zone.  When someone is feeling the music, you can see it in their face, in their movements. That's when I shoot. Thanks for taking a look at my photos; I learn something new every time I pick up my camera, and I strive to incorporate what I've learned the next time I'm out and about.

Note... original photos lost in the shuffle, only these 4 remain.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

juxtaposition along I-70

If you are lucky enough to be lingering around I-70 in Missouri this Friday, you have a couple of great choices for dance music.  The only unfortunate part is that they are on opposite sides of the state (and opposite ends of the dance spectrum).  Either way, there won’t be any of that bouncing back and forth between clubs; that is, unless you are also lucky enough to own a transporter.

Lance DeSardi and Tyrel Williams will be heading up the monthly event Jux-ta-Pose at the Uptown Arts Bar for a solid night of some of the deepest Acid House Kansas City has ever witnessed. has been lucky enough to catch both of these performers and has never walked away disappointed.  Probably the most memorable was Lance DeSardi’s appearance at Designer History back in 2002, when he rocked a full house at the El Torreon Ballroom; other performances, especially those at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub, were equally satisfying.   At SmartBar, Tyrel Williams kept folks coming back for more with his Acid Test residency at Smart Bar, hosting a variety of House legends through an ongoing vinyl weekly dedicated to the true art of DJing.  Whether you love House or Techno, get yourself down to the Uptown Arts Bar tomorrow night and be ready to get your groove on. 

250 miles across the state, a relative newcomer to dance music will be performing at Europe Nightclub.   Having made his debut in the world renowned DJ Mag Top 100 at 32 in 2006, the fast rise of Sander van Doorn is a testament to his raw talent and dedication. In just seven years he’s clocked up more dance floor destroyers, sell out gigs and awards than most artists do in a lifetime… and his journey is still in its infancy. (Resident Advisor)  We haven’t had the opportunity to catch Sander’s act live, but after listening to sets on MixCloud, and recalling our last adventure to St Louis for Above & Beyond at Europe Nightclub, we are certain it will be a show worth seeing. 

Warming up for this Interstate juxtaposition in Kansas City will be resident Todd Howard, along with an upstairs guest crew featuring DJ Rucksa & Mr. Solve.  While out in St Louis, resident Rob Lemon will make sure the dance floor is good and primed.

For more information about Jux-ta-Pose visit Kansas City Techno

For more information about Sander van Doorn visit Disco Donnie

Saturday, April 20, 2013

knuckleheads saturday open jam

Saturday afternoon found us at Knuckleheads Saloon for the Saturday Afternoon Open Jam, Billy Ebeling & Dwane Goldston. There was a full house most of the afternoon, which isn’t particularly unusual.  It is the best place to go for live music on a Saturday afternoon, and catch some of the best up-and-coming musicians in Kansas City, along with those already making their name.

A boarding house built in 1887, Knuckleheads sits tucked under the Chestnut Street Bridge, right next to the railroad tracks.  Trains are always going by, but you never really seem to notice.  They seem to fit right in with the rhythm of things, as this venue regularly hosts some of the best and biggest acts in rhythm & blues, folk, zydeco, honky tonk, the list goes on.